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iPad mini impressions, four months on


Can you believe it? The iPad mini has been with us for four months. That may not sound like a long time, but in the tech world, where tablet updates are happening sometimes twice a year, the mini has become well and truly established in Apple's tablet line up. In fact, some might say it's already looking a little long in the tooth, with building anticipation of the next mini iteration.

iMore has put together an interesting article detailing comparisons of first impressions of the mini to real-world, tried and tested impressions four months on. Many were concerned that the lack of Retina display would deter those used to the pixel-dense lushness of the iPad 3. Or even that the screen size of the mini would simply be too small to do anything realistically, compared to the larger iPad 3.

However, based on iMore's reflections, even those that were initial doubters have been converted to the mini. And even iPad 3 owners find themselves shelving their Retina-endowed iPad 3s for the smaller, lighter and more convenient form factor of the mini, stating that the lack of Retina display is a non-issue at this stage.

Personally, being an iPad 3 owner, I've not taken the plunge for the mini, but having used one a few times, the form factor is extremely appealing. However, with rumors of a thinner and lighter 9.7 inch iPad this year, and a Retina screen for the iPad mini, choosing which model of iPad to go for is going to become even more tricky and difficult.

Have you used an iPad mini? What are your impressions four months on?

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