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Spelunky DLC adds 8 new characters, 24 multiplayer arenas for them to die in


You thought you knew what today's most exciting news was. You were wrong. Mossmouth has quietly sneaked two items of downloadable Spelunky content onto the Xbox Live Marketplace. The 160-point "Explorers DLC" gives you eight more characters to choose from, including the Eskimo, Viking, Round Girl, Round Boy, Cyclops, Ninja, and the Golden Monk.

The "Arenas DLC" adds 24 new multiplayer deathmatch arenas. "These chaotic death traps offer up all kinds of devious ways to kill or be killed, from sacrificial altars to perilous bee hives," reads the XBLM description. "Will anyone survive?" It'll also set you back 160 points ($2).

And no, no one will survive.

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