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Arkedo Studio disbands under 'good conditions'


The game industry is a bit less colorful today, with news that Arkedo Studio, maker of extraordinarily vibrant games like Hell Yeah! and Big Bang Mini, has effectively closed its doors. "Arkedo, the company, is still here," explains creative director Aurelien Regard. "But no one's employed anymore. No more games are produced either."

Regard explains that the company self-funded two small games after Hell Yeah!, but had no other paid projects lined up. "So, it has been decided to disband the team when there still was enough money to get good conditions for everyone, rather than replace permanent positions with interns and a bad atmosphere," he said. In addition, everyone at Arkedo wanted to return to smaller projects than Hell Yeah!, and both Regard and co-founder Camille Guermonprez were working on their own side projects anyway.

The last two Arkedo games will be released "soon," and then there will be no more Arkedo games. In an unusual twist, the studio is dissolving under seemingly amicable conditions. "What is for sure is that we still see one each other and will often do in the future," Regard said about himself and Guermonprez, "all with great pleasure and for a long time."

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