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Breakfast Topic: What makes you feel like a hero?


Does going through Mists of Pandaria make you feel like a hero? Anyone who's read much about how the game is designed realizes by now how much Blizzard strives to catapult us into the story. The NPCs murmur flattering things about us as we rush through their cities and camps, and important leaders constantly beseech us to lend our assistance. When all the badasses step up for a climactic cutscene, we spot ourselves shouldering into the mix.

Why, then, doesn't this seem to work with me? Most often, these tactics leave me feeling mildly annoyed. Why haven't these capable, confident leaders already taken care of matters themselves? Even worse, when an NPC accompanies me into the field, I'm left feeling like a third wheel or one of insects the bad guys are so fond of referring to me as. The storylines, the cinematics, the attempts to weave me into the story -- they're not what make me feel like a prodigious undead priestess of potency and power.

So what does make my heart swell a size or two? Being a prodigious undead priestess of potency and power -- under my own power. Keeping a dysfunctional pickup group hale, healthy, and on target. Mind Flaying the last drop of life from a monster that's decided to crawl away at the last second. Downing the boss the guild's been working toward for weeks. Helping newbies. (Does it really get any better than surprising a newbie with something that turns their WoW introduction into pure gold?)

What about you? Is there an encounter or storyline in Mists of Pandaria that's made you feel like a real hero? Or is it something else about the game that leaves you feeling like the alpha dog in the yard?

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