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MechWarrior Online gets biggest map ever, new matchmaking system in latest update


Free-to-play shooter MechWarrior Online has added a new update to the game, this one containing the biggest map yet. The environment is called Alpine Peaks, and features lots of cold, open areas, separated by some very tall high ground. In addition to the new map, the update also includes five new versions of a mech called the Trebuchet, which specializes in long range combat and carries medium weight.

Finally, the newest update also adds in what Pirahna Games is calling "Phase 3" of the matchmaking system, which will allow players of the same skill to find and compete against each other in a balanced way, despite what mech they're driving. The new system also allows for cosmetic holograms in the cockpit, so you can now show off any House Faction loyalties you happen to have. Us, we're partial to Winterfell, but -- oh wait, wrong setting. At any rate, the update is now live on the servers, so go get that Mech a Warrior-in'!

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