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Star Trek Online spotlights ships for players

Eliot Lefebvre

Space -- the final frontier. These are the voyages of the USS Why-In-The-World-Are-You-Flying-That-For-Starfleet. The name's a bit cumbersome, but considering the sheer number of different ships you can pilot in Star Trek Online, we think it's rather apropos. Then again, one look at some of the machines on display in the game's newest spotlight video and it's difficult to feel all that bad about explaining why you're flying a ship that belongs to your faction's sworn enemies.

The spotlight highlights some of the new ships from lockboxes, ships available from Fleet projects, and those available for direct purchase from the game's microtransaction store. It also shows off the ships in space combat because while scanning a planet for life is all well and good, it's not terribly exciting to watch. Take a look at the full video just past the break, and consider whether one of these ships might make your trek across the stars a bit more stylish.

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