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Injustice match videos continue with Aquaman, Cyborg, Grundy and Lantern

Jordan Mallory

The latest round of Injustice: Gods Among Us fight tapes have been released following the results of NetherRealm Studios' ongoing popularity contest between the game's sizable stable of heroes and villains. This time, Atlantean king Aquaman is pitted against fellow Justice League of America member Cyborg (above), while interstellar cop Green Lantern dukes it out with the also green (albeit for a different reason) Solomon Grundy, after the break.

While these videos still mysteriously lack any indication of how meter management is working during these fights, we are learning more about each character's abilities with each new bout. Aquaman, for instance, can cancel incoming projectile attacks by creating a whirlpool around himself, and Cyborg appears to be one of the most mobile characters in the game, thanks to his zip-line/grappling hook thingy. Meanwhile, Green Lantern's ability to create complex, working machines and weapons has been put to full use, as has Solomon Grundy's, uh, deadness.

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