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The Daily Grind: Would you buy a game based on the people in charge?

Eliot Lefebvre

Between watching what Naoki Yoshida did to the original version of Final Fantasy XIV and getting a hands-on with the new version, I will now play absolutely any game that lists him as the director. I don't care if his next project is Barbie Dancing Fun Time -- I will buy it if his name is on the cover. Or download page. The point is that the man has convinced me that he can take a game and make it into something great.

Of course, video games in general have shown many times that a name doesn't make for a game. And a big-name MMO designer doesn't necessarily have the same luck with the second game as with the first (see Ultima Online vs. Tabula Rasa). But there are a lot of names out there that are associated with big projects, for better or worse. So would that influence you? Would you buy a game based on the people in charge?

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