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Hardcore sci-fi sandbox Divergence Online returns, seeks crowdfunding

Jef Reahard

Several years ago we posted about an up-and-coming sci-fi sandbox MMO called Divergence. At the time, the game promised a hybrid interface that allowed players to toggle between an action mode with crosshairs and a more traditional MMO targeting and auto-attack setup.

The game subsequently dropped off the grid, but now developer Stainglass Llama and Divergence universe creator Ethan Casner are back with an IndieGogo crowdfunding project and a $50,000 goal.

Divergence promises a seamless, non-linear, and modifiable world with skill-based progression and plenty of non-combat advancement opportunities. It also styles itself as a hardcore enterprise with open PvP, lootable corpses, "limited permanent death," and unique races and breeds. Of note, the game will have neither tab-targetting nor auto-attack.

You can view Casner's intro video after the cut.

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