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Mojang's Mojam spawned Nuclear Pizza War, more; donations still open


Mojam, the Humble Bundle game jam featuring Minecraft developers at Mojang and a host of their indie friends, is over and the world is nine games richer. Mojam featured three official teams from Mojang and one surprise entry, along with teams from indie developers Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer and Wolfire Games.

The Mojang teams made Nuclear Pizza War, Endless Nuclear Kittens, Battle Frogs and Nuke the Dinosaurs Blueprint Prototype. Grapefrukt made Tektonic, Ludosity made Space Hunk, Oxeye was responsible for 3918, Vlambeer made Wasteland Kings and Wolfire created Low-light. Check out each of the games here. They will all be available for download "in the near future."

The charities Block to Block and the EFF are richer because of the jam, too: So far Mojam has raised $461,000, all for charity, and donations will stay open until March 2. Anyone who donates gets to play the games these indies made with just four days, some random words and probably a lot of energy drinks.

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