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Guild Wars 2 frees up tournaments for all

Eliot Lefebvre

It's time to stop paying money for the right to prove that you're better than your enemies. Starting with tomorrow's update, Guild Wars 2 is abolishing Paid Tournaments altogether, replacing them with Free Tournaments. Free Tournaments will be available in 1-round and 3-round formats for players, with the winning team in a 1-round tournament receiving a reward chest. Any unused Tournament Tickets can be redeemed for special reward boxes from a Ticket Merchant NPC.

Why the change? Originally the whole split between Paid and Free Tournaments was meant to allow the best players to compete against one another while allowing more casual players fair matches, but with the addition of a full ranking system, the split was no longer needed. Matchmaking and ranking will be separate between the 1-round and 3-round tournament formats, ensuring that anyone can play one format or the other as desired. So take heart and take up arms against your enemies because as of tomorrow, you can do so for free.

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