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Qualcomm shows off Snapdragon 800 voice activation and photo editing abilities (video)


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Qualcomm unveiled its new Snapdragon SoC flag bearer at CES, and here at MWC 2013 we got to see some of what the 800 series can do. Last week, the company revealed the chip's voice activation feature that allows users to wake the chip up using a voice command. We got to see one application of this technology used to launch Google Now using the keywords "hey Snapdragon," though when it makes its way into consumer devices, that keyword will be customizable. It was a limited demo, but the ability to wake your phone and launch apps without having to press a button (see: Siri and Google Now) is certainly an attractive proposition.

We also got to witness the 800's image processing capabilities when paired with one of Pelican Imaging's array cameras. Using images taken with that plenoptic shooter, changing the focal plane of an image or cropping out individuals from a group photo was easily handled by a Qualcomm prototype tablet packing a Snapdragon 800. Enough chatter on the matter, however, you can see for yourself in the video after the break.

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