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Sinestro scares up an Injustice: Gods Among Us roster spot


The latest volley in the marketing assault for Injustice: Gods Among Us reveals Sinestro as a playable character. Not much can be seen of Sinestro's move set in the source video, an omission that will be corrected this Friday when developer NetherRealm unleashes its next weekly fight footage.

Sinestro is a long-running villain from the Green Lantern universe and occasional mentor to Hal Jordan – but with a name like Sinestro, you can guess his most frequent role. Hawkgirl is also confirmed to be a playable character in the update.

Their roles in the plot of Injustice is yet to be revealed. Injustice: Gods Among Us tells the "what if" scenario of Superman losing it after The Joker unleashes a nuclear attack on Metropolis, presumably killing Supes' main squeeze, Lois Lane.

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