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Sony UK boss: What PS4 does is more important than how it looks


When Sony revealed the PlayStation 4, it didn't reveal the PlayStation 4 – at least not physically. Sony didn't show off the actual PS4 hardware, aside from the DualShock 4 controller and a revamped PSEye, and a few viewers considered this a cop-out. There was "a bit of cynism" from fans following the conference, even though Sony presented more important things for a next-gen system, PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara told Video Gamer.

"It's much more important to see what the damn thing does," Gara said. "The shiniest piece of black, green or purple plastic ever, you know, whatever, so what? It's not the most important thing."

After all, "a box is a box," as Gara puts it. However, if the PlayStation 4 is striped in shades of metallic black, green and purple, it could very well matter. Good luck making that color scheme work in any living room.

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