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The Daily Grind: Do you notice huge MMO interiors?

Jef Reahard

I had a bit of MMO deja vu this week. See, I read a lot about the industry on a daily basis, and somewhere recently I saw someone commenting about the unrealistically huge interior spaces in some video games. It may have been here in the Massively comment section or it may have been on one of 200 other sites, I can't remember.

The point, though, is that I noticed the phenomena first-hand, for the first time, while I was playing both Star Wars: The Old Republic and EverQuest II this weekend. My player house in EQII has bedroom doors that a 15-foot cave troll could comfortably pass beneath, and yet my avatar and all this furniture are scaled to normal-sized humans. Similarly, starports (and really, all the interiors) in SWTOR are gigantic metal caverns that could hold a dozen of those space slugs from The Empire Strikes Back, and the humanoids are absolutely dwarfed by the bizarre architecture that makes it seem like you're outside when you're not.

Is this sort of scaling noticeable in your game of choice, and if so, does it bother you?

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