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Blizzard to attend PAX East

Eliot Lefebvre

Blizzard Entertainment sort of does its own thing these days. The company has the clout to ignore most gatherings outside of the obvious BlizzCon when you consider the sheer size of World of Warcraft and other properties. But it looks as if this year things will be just a little bit different. Blizzard has stated that representatives will be attending this year's PAX East to show something off. And to compound the bafflement, it's not what you'd expect.

Whatever the company is showing off isn't a sequel, expansion, or the obliquely referenced Titan. So what in the world could it be? The Diablo III console port? Something entirely new? A mobile game in which you follow along behind World of Warcraft NPCs and nod enthusiastically? Snakes? Whatever it is, we'll find out at the end of March when the company rolls into Boston with the rest of the PAX East crew. (We're betting on snakes.)

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