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Skullgirls' $150,000 Indiegogo goal met in less than 24 hours

Jordan Mallory

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Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games has not only succeeded in raising the $150,000 required to design, develop and implement the game's first DLC character, but in doing so has also delivered crowd-funding platform Indiegogo's fastest and most-funded gaming project to date.

The fundraiser met its goal after 22 hours, and is sitting just above $184,000 as of press time, with 29 days of funding still left to go. This means that the project's first stretch goal, a new level and story mode campaign for Squigly, the new character, has also been completely funded. If the fundraiser reaches $375,000 before its completion, Skullgirls' first male character, Big Band, will also be created.

Once completed, Squigly will be made available at no cost on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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This morning, Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign blasted through its crowdfunding goal to raise $150,000 in less than 24 hours.

- Raised over $175,000 from over 2800 backers and will continue to raise funds for 30 more days

- This makes Skullgirls is the most funded game ever on the Indiegogo platform, reaching its goal faster than any of Indiegogo's top five gaming campaigns (see below).

The company will be bringing a new character, Squigly, to the widely renowned game following massive layoffs to the development team after Autumn Games' legal battles. When Squigly, the game's first ever DLC character, is complete, she'll be released for free to everyone on all platforms.

Skullgirls - 22 hours to reach its $150K goal, current total raised: $176K and counting

Starforge - 15 days to reach its $75K goal, total raised: $135,453

Resurrect ADOM Development - 46 days to reach its $48K goal, total raised: $90,169

Dark Potentials First Miniatures - 1 day to reach its $10K goal, total raised: $89,849

Freebooter's fate legends miniature set- 2 days to reach its $5K goal, total raised: $83,709

This campaign is a testament to the increasing popularity of crowdfunding in the gaming world. By turning directly to the players, developers can continue to create the games that that they and their audiences love to play, with no strings attached.

Peter Bartholow, CEO of Lab Zero Games, said that the team "initially gravitated towards Indiegogo purely because they took a smaller cut than Kickstarter. But the deal was sealed when we found out that they pay as soon as you hit your goal. Not needing to wait a full month to receive our money lets us get to work right away, and that work can go right back into the campaign to help generate more buzz."

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