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Age of Wushu elaborates on crime and punishment

MJ Guthrie

While it is true that Age of Wushu has an open PvP world, that doesn't mean that players can wantonly sashay about inflicting mass murder upon others without consequence. And as beta has progressed, Snail Games has refined AoW's crime and punishment system.

The color of names denoting wanted players has changed; names will first change from white to orange after players add to their infamy by performing murderous deeds. Name colors will then escalate to red and finally to purple if the killing continues. Other players can still place bounties on murderers at the orange level, and either NPC police or player constables (there can be up to 1000 per server) can collect on them.

Depending on the severity of an offender's actions, different options are available once jailed. The lowest tiers -- orange and red -- can wait out the sentence, pay a hefty bribe to wipe their slate clean, or place wagers on a dice game to try and win their way out. Of course, they can also attempt a jailbreak with friends. The worst offenders (purple) are slated for death row and will be publicly beheaded if they can't afford the bribe or manage to escape.

[Source: Snail Games press release]

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