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EA reveals 'single identity' cross-platform gaming experience


EA has completed its Origin login service, which means that most of its games going forward (including, presumably, Real Racing 3, which hits the US App Store tomorrow) will use a single company-specific login. Now, all EA games on all platforms will be able to access that login. So, for example, you could transfer your progress on a game of PGA Tour from iOS to your PlayStation 3, or Bejeweled stats on the Xbox 360 might mean something to Plants vs. Zombies 2, once it arrives on the iPad.

Unfortunately, the news is less exciting for actual customers. Namely, it's essentially just another login to remember. It's too bad EA can't hook this up to Apple's Game Center system, as that seems to be the best and easiest social identifier to use these days (not to mention that, since it's official, it's baked right into iOS itself).

But the company will do what it wants. EA also announced this week that all of its games will feature microtransactions for extra customization or content, another decision that might be less than popular with the gaming community. If EA believes that having its own login to connect game information will increase interest in its titles across platforms, then that's what we'll see in EA games going forward.

[via TechHive]

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