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Google+ Photos app for Chromebooks revealed in more detail, thanks to new screenshots


Chances are, you've been gawking at that gorgeous new Pixel Chromebook, but aren't planning on, you know, buying it. No matter. For those of you who enjoy software porn, we've got a few more shots of the Pixel's forthcoming Photos application, which will eventually make its way to other Chromebooks, too. A developer on Google+ named François Beaufort has uploaded a series of screenshots, giving us a more detailed look -- good news since we only had three screens to show you when the software was first announced. Included in Beaufort's gallery is the settings page, which confirms that automatic photo uploads from SD cards are actually optional. The one thing you won't see in those pics? A full illustration of the intelligent photo selector, which is supposedly smart enough to weed out your blurry and poorly exposed shots. Hopefully all you Pixel owners out there will see for yourselves soon enough.

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