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MacTech BootCamp Seattle: Includes Kelly G and Microsoft


If you're an IT professional supporting Apple software and hardware, or you are an Apple Consultant, you might want to check out the MacTech series of BootCamp events. Actually, I'm going to upgrade that to you should check out the MacTech BootCamp events. They take place all over the country, and as with any conference, you're absolutely going to get your money's worth just on the hallway track alone. Interacting with other technicians/consultants is always valuable time. Not only do you get to chat up fellow Apple tech types, you also get sessions with a variety of topics.

MacTech's first BootCamp of 2013 is in Seattle on March 6, and this one adds an interesting feature. Those familiar with MacTech's conference later in the year may recall the opportunity to test for Apple Certification at the end of the conference.

Earlier this week, MacTech announced the Microsoft Office for Mac Accredited Support Professional accreditation pilot program. This is a half-day program the day before each BootCamp event. Microsoft's program will cover information for supporting Microsoft Office for Mac and Microsoft Office 365, particularly for Apple users. And it's free, MacTech's gift to you as part of attending MacTech BootCamp. Let's be honest, there's not a lot that Microsoft gives away, particularly when it comes to Apple or certifications.

If a free certification wasn't bonus enough, MacTech BootCamp Seattle will now include yours truly. I'll be there looking for stories, so if you have something you want to pitch to TUAW (and you've read the book to know how to do this properly), now's your chance!

I know budgeting can be a concern, so I have a deal for you. If you register using this extra special TUAW link, you'll get a pretty fantastic deal (regular price is $499, TUAW reader price is $299 with six months of MacTech magazine). I will see you in Seattle!

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