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triqtraq for iOS, an electro jam sequencer app


If you love Propellerhead's Figure app for iOS, you're sure to love triqtraq, a quick and easy music-inspiration and creation app for short bursts of creativity when you're waiting for a train with a few minutes to spare, or live for improvisation.

With a library of more than 350 samples, triqtraq lets you create musical patterns on the fly, either by simply improvising and seeing what works or being a bit more specific and using the step editor.

triqtraq has some exciting features, like specific sequence lengths per track, automation of effects in real time and automation of multiple tracks simultaneously. There's also the Loop Range, which creates poly-rhythms and other unique sounds / effects.

To share your music creations, triqtraq offers export via SoundCloud, AudioCopy, iTunes or email.

I've not had a chance to use triqtraq myself, but from what I've seen, a beginner could start using it and make some great sounds really easily, while there's plenty for the more advanced user to dig deeper into.

triqtraq costs US$2.99 and is available from the App Store now.

Have you used triqtraq? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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