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Dead Island: Riptide UK pre-order bonuses slice, dice, BBQ zombie flesh [Update: US too]


Very few things will survive the zombie apocalypse. One thing that will make the cut: pre-order bonuses. Quite literally in this case, as Dead Island: Riptide bonuses in the UK will include the Survivor Pack, which features the BBQ Blade seen above. The hefty machete has a fuel tank attached that, presumably, will set the blade on fire. If a giant flaming knife just isn't enough for you, the pack will also include a special in-game shop with discounted items and a higher chance for rare items. Furthermore, the Survivor Pack includes a booster for both XP and stats.

Finally, those who pre-order from GAME will also get the Fashion Victim pack, which includes new skins for all playable characters. New skin is probably handy for those times when you find all of yours gnawed off by the undead.

We've contacted Deep Silver to find out if these bonuses are headed to North America as well. At the moment, US retailers are listing a pre-order special edition including a Steelbook case, weapon mods, character skins and a digital map. That's not to be confused with the $80 "Rigor Mortis" Edition.

Dead Island: Riptide launches April 23.

Update: Amazon now lists the same pre-order bonuses for the US as well.

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Dead IslandTM Riptide – details of pre-order bonuses revealed!

Deep Silver offers "The Survivor Pack" and "Fashion Victim" as pre-order DLC packs

1 March 2013 - Hampshire, UK/... Deep Silver today revealed more details about the upcoming DLC packs for players pre-ordering Dead Island Riptide, the next installment of the Dead Island franchise.

Pre-order DLC #1: The Survivor Pack
· A BBQ Blade! This special pre-order pack contains an exclusive weapon only available here! How better to dispose of the wretched zombies than with a sharp blade? Add in some workbench-modifying and hook it up to a few fuel tanks to bring some heat to a zombie's heart! The so-called "BBQ Blade" lets you wade through zombie hordes with ease!
· An XP/stats booster! Want that extra edge to level up faster than your peers? Here's your chance!
· A special shop! The Survivor Pack will grant you access to a shop offering a special discount on weapons and items! Happy shopping!
The Survivor Pack DLC will be made available to everyone who pre-orders the game before its release in regions where it is available.

Pre-order DLC #2: Fashion Victim
Tired of seeing your character go around wearing the same clothes all the time? The "Fashion Victim" pre-order DLC includes a set of new skins for all the player characters (Logan, Purna, Sam B., Xian Mei, and "the new guy" John Morgan) in co-op mode.

In the UK, the Fashion Victim DLC will only be available through preorders from GAME Ltd

Content will be redeemable via download on Xbox LIVE® for versions of the game on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows® PC and via the PlayStation®Store

These DLC packs will also be available to buy individually with the release of Dead Island Riptide. The Survivor pack will be available for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 or for £3.99 on PlayStation Network and Steam. Become a Fashion Victim for 160 Microsoft Points or for £1.49.

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