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Tapestry lets you create tappable iPhone stories


Tapestry describes itself as "a portable collection of beautifully designed, short, tappable stories." It's an online service from Betaworks that lets you create short stories for others to read on their iPhone or iPad. Unlike a traditional ebook, the Tapestry stories are meant to be read in one direction. You tap to go forward and you can't go back.

It's difficult to appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the app until you experience it yourself. Tapestry has put together an example story (#itshardbeingtwo) on its website that illustrates the charm of the service. The demo is best viewed in the Tapestry iOS app, but you can still get the effect using a desktop web browser.

The iOS app includes a handful of stories from author Robin Sloan and others. New stories will be added to the app on a regular basis. You can also create your own public stories using the web version of the service. Just log in to your account using a browser and hit the create button to begin.

The Tapestry service and its accompanying iOS app are available for free.

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