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Metareview: Tomb Raider


There's nothing quite like the word 'reboot' to stir the catcalls of cynicism. Based on the critical acclaim. including that from our own Richard Mitchell. the latest adventure for one of gaming's oldest series is more than just a reboot; it's a rebirth.
  • Digital Spy (100/100): "With a well written cast of characters, mightily impressive production techniques, sumptuous visuals, tight platforming and surprisingly enjoyable combat, Tomb Raider is most definitely a release to be treasured."
  • GamesRadar (90/100): "Its expert sense of pacing, captivating setting, and dark tone create a truly memorable experience that's further enhanced by an immense level of detail. Lara Croft, the old Lara Croft, is dead. In place of a dolled-up gunslinger is a do-what-it-takes survivor - and we hope she hasn't had her fill of adventuring just yet."
  • Polygon (90/100): "It's easy to point out the many ways that Tomb Raider borrows bits and pieces from other popular games of the last five years, but Crystal Dynamics has blended these disparate strengths into something remarkable. It's cinematic yet open, intense yet laid-back, fresh yet polished."
  • GameSpot (85/100): "The single-player campaign here is the main attraction, and it is excellent. It doesn't try to rewrite the book on third-person action adventure games. But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn't need to."
  • Edge (80/100): "Whether she's huddled up against the cold or sending five men to their doom with an explosive arrow, this is still Lara Croft, one of gaming's most distinctive heroes – and now she has a personality that extends far beyond the bounds of her bra straps. If the purpose of a reboot is to redefine a character and set them up for the future, then this is a job well done."

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