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Schilling asks judge to throw out lawsuit over $75 million loan


Curt Schilling, founder of defunct 38 Studios, asked a judge to throw out The Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation's lawsuit that alleges Schilling and studio executives misled the agency in securing a $75 million taxpayer-guaranteed loan. The lawsuit accuses Schilling and his crew of fraud, racketeering and conspiracy.

Schilling's lawyers filed documents on Friday to Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein, asking him to throw out the lawsuit. The documents claim Schilling and other board members repeatedly disclosed 38 Studios' financial situation to the EDC, and that the EDC knew $75 million wouldn't be enough to finish its MMO, Project Copernicus.

"Given the EDC's admissions concerning 38 Studios' disclosures to the EDC's executives, attorneys and financial advisor, it is impossible for the EDC simultaneously to claim that the 38 Studios defendants supposedly defrauded the EDC," the filing reads.

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