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ArenaNet not currently working on Guild Wars 2 expansions or sequels

Jef Reahard

ArenaNet isn't going to develop a traditional expansion for Guild Wars 2 any time soon. "Expansions are definitely something that we'll potentially look at in the future," game director Colin Johanson told IGN. "We don't have a timetable on it. We're open to it, but I think our major focus as a studio is making the living world concept as strong as we possibly can for the players that we've got."

When the possibility of Guild Wars 3 was broached, Johanson deemed it unlikely, at least for now. "We want to be able to have teams that are literally developing new, innovative features that change the way that you play our game and grow that experience so it literally feels like you don't leave Guild Wars 2," he explained. "Guild Wars 2 becomes Guild Wars 2.5 or Guild Wars 3 and it continues to grow."

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