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    Daily iPhone App: Relic Rush is a one-touch beauty


    Man, if there's one thing Apple's iOS platform is good at, it's this: A really great, simple idea made beautiful. That's exactly what Relic Rush is, and that's why I bring it to you highly recommended as a US$0.99 purchase. Relic Rush is a one-touch game in which your tap on the iPhone or iPad's screen simply makes the little hero stop in place, for as long as your finger is held down.

    That's it. We've seen this idea done a few times before (This Could Hurt is probably the most memorable example), but I've never seen it done so simply and elegantly as Relic Rush. Each level takes place on one screen, and you just need to navigate your little guy through a series of obstacles by timing his run just right, trying to reach through five of them to a trophy waiting to be collected.

    The game's timing puzzles start out as just regular intervals, but of course as you proceed through the more than 100 levels, things get more and more ingeniously complicated, requiring you to figure out loopier and loopier schedules to navigate through. But just like all great "hard" games, you never once blame the game for messing up -- everything is there on the screen for you to dodge, and it's up to you to get the timing right.

    Relic Rush is a great title. It might be a little tough for extra-casual gamers, especially in the later levels. But the game is so meticulously well-crafted that anyone who sending Mario through those old castles past fireballs should find the same fun here. You can get the app now for 99 cents.

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