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Lorewalkers guide for the Isle of Thunder

Anne Stickney

What, you thought we were done with the Lorewalkers? Not a chance. Patch 5.2 introduces more lore objects to find, scattered around the Isle of Thunder. Collecting all of the objects results in achievements as well as new scenes to watch, courtesy of Lorewalker Cho. The objects themselves are softly lit with a blue glow as shown above, making them relatively easy to spot once you're in the area.

I spent some time on the Isle of Thunder and managed to hunt down all of the lore objects while doing quests for the new zone. But if you don't have the time or inclination to explore, we've put together a map and guide of all the new lore objects. Please note -- there are plenty of these lore objects locked behind island progression. You won't be able to nab all of the lore objects until the Isle of Thunder is fully unlocked on your server.

Patch 52 Lorewalker's guide to the Isle of Thunder

There are three new achievements for the Isle of Thunder, and each achievement has four books to locate. Gods and Monsters discusses the creation of the mogu, Rumbles of Thunder talks about the rise of Lei Shen, and The Zandalari Prophecy discusses the prophet Zul.

Gods and Monsters Cannot be completed until the Isle of Thunder is completely unlocked.
  • Agents of Order Found at 35,54 in the Court of Bones.
  • Shadow, Storm and Stone Found at 59,26, this object is located in the Thunder Forge, and cannot be accessed until this content is unlocked.
  • The Curse and the Silence Found at 49,20, this object can be accessed through the Lightning Vein Mine, and cannot be accessed until this content is unlocked.
  • Age of a Hundred Kings Found at 62,37, this object is located at The Foot of Lei Shen, and cannot be accessed until this content is unlocked.
Rumbles of Thunder Can be completed immediately.
  • Lei Shen Found at 40,40 in Dawnseeker Promontory. Please note that the Sunreavers patrol near this object. Alliance players beware!
  • The Sacred Mount Found at 47,60 in the Diremoor, in the tall structure at the center of the island.
  • Unity at a Price Found at 34,65 in the Hall of the Grand Imperion, a building in the Court of Bones.
  • The Pandaren Problem Found at 60,69 in the Violet Rise. Please note that the Kirin Tor patrol near this object. Horde players beware!
The Zandalari Prophecy Cannot be completed until some areas are unlocked.
  • Coming of Age Found at 35,70 in Za'Tual.
  • For Council and King Found at 68,46 on the upper deck of the Zandalari ship at Stormsea Landing. Cannot be accessed until this area is unlocked.
  • Shadows of the Loa Found at 36,70 in Za'Tual. Please note that this item is inside one of the tents, behind a Harbinger of Loa.
  • The Dark Prophet Zul Found at 52,41 in the Beast Pens. Cannot be accessed until this area is unlocked.
Finding all four books for each section will net you the achievement as well as an in-game mail from Lorewalker Cho. The books will be stored on your bookshelf, and you can re-visit Cho at any time to replay the stories he has to tell. At the moment, I'm not sure if these items grant Lorewalker reputation -- my character on the PTR is already exalted, so I couldn't test it out. However, it's easy enough to get exalted reputation without heading to the Isle of Thunder!

In addition to these lore objects, there are more books to be found. Zandalari trolls on the Isle of Thunder have a chance to drop one of five different Zandalari journals. For the lore-minded, these journals offer a pretty interesting glimpse into the life of the Zandalari, particularly on the brink of their island's destruction. Collecting all five of these books will net you the achievement Zandalari Library Card, which is one of the requirements for the Stormbreaker achievement. This achievement is far easier than it sounds, however -- it simply requires killing a lot of trolls. You'll be killing a lot of trolls anyway. I promise.

Although the Lorewalkers really don't have any new rewards to offer, it's still great to see new stories delivered as the expansion moves on. Hopefully this means that future patches will deliver more of this unique brand of content for those that are into the lore and want to know more about Pandaria's history.

For more lore items from the Lorewalkers, be sure to check out our guide on getting exalted with the Lorewalkers in an hour or less. Happy hunting!

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