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Jorgensen: All EA mobile games will use microtransactions, other platforms may not


All future EA games will contain the ability to handle microtransactions, but that doesn't mean every EA game will use them, CFO Blake Jorgensen said at the Wedbush Technology Conference in New York City, as picked up by Polygon. During an EA investor call last week, Jorgensen said, "We're building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way," and "consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business."

Today Jorgensen clarified that this model applies to mobile games only, saying, "I made a statement in the conference along the lines of, 'We'll have micro-transactions in our games,' and the community read that to mean all our games, and that's really not true. All of our mobile games will have microtransactions in them, because almost all of them are going to a world where they are play-for-free."

We'll store your pitchforks for you in the meantime – at a price.

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