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Project Awakened falls short of $500K Kickstarter goal


Project Awakened, the attempt to reinvigorate Phosphor Games' beleaguered superhero action game, fell short of its Kickstarter goal today, raising $338,498 of a requested $500,000. On Monday, with less than two days to raise more than $200,000, Phosphor Director Chip Sineni told us that if Awakened missed its Kickstarter goal, his team would continue to develop the game in its own time.

"If nothing else comes up for funding elsewhere – we will keep looking," Sineni said. "We would not be able to promise a 2014 beta, and it would likely take a long time to complete."

At the one-day countdown, Phosphor put together a Heineken ad Hello Kitty piano recital video featuring the team drunkenly singing Tom Waits' "Innocent When You Dream." If that can't make a Kickstarter succeed, we just don't know what will.

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