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Sonic Dash set to speed onto the App Store 'midnight tonight'


Developer Hardlight Studios let slip via quickly deleted tweets - which Sega Driven also spotted before they ran off - Sega's iOS endless runner Sonic Dash is making a midnight sprint for the App Store tonight. According to those deleted tweets, the game is priced $1.99 in the US, and £1.49 in the UK. That's backed up by Sonic Dash already being out in New Zealand, which traditionally gets App Store content hours ahead of other regions because of wibbly-wobbly time zone differentiation.

As the App Store gallery and description indicates, Sonic Dash is a fair bit reminiscent of the Temple Run formula, which to us seems fair enough since the blue hedgehog was doing the Temple Run thing as far back as Sonic Adventure. The description also reveals that, for those that can't get enough of the hog's critter chums, Sonic Dash lets you play as Tails, Amy, and Knuckles McGee (Knuckles for short).

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