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Apple grabs another win against Samsung in London court


Watching the patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung is like watching a tennis match -- first the ball is on Apple's side and they lob it over the net right past Samsung, then Samsung sneaks a shot past Apple and they win a game. The latest news, this time out of a court in London, is that Apple has won a case over the use of Standard Essential Patents in its products.

Samsung had asserted that Apple products infringed on a Standard Essential Patent held by the South Korean manufacturer. The Wednesday ruling means that Samsung, which was hoping for 2.4 percent royalties on sales of any of Apple's 3G-capable devices, won't get a thing.

Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents told ZDNet that "On a worldwide basis Apple has now fended off 24 assertions of Standard-Essential Patents by Samsung. Samsung prevailed only on three such patents, two of them in Korea. With every win Apple scores, Samsung's demand for a 2.4 percent royalty on Apple's sales of 3G-capable products looks more ridiculous."

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