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Fantastical 1.1 adds multiple alarms, clipboard detection, other improvements


Fantastical 1.1 for iPhone (currently US$3.99) is now available with some seriously nice new features (here's our full review of Fantastical 1.0 for iPhone). Now you can add multiple alarms to an event, jump to a specific date easily, duplicate events and even detect what's on the clipboard. Here's an overview of Fantastical 1.1 for iPhone.

At last you can add multiple alarms to a calendar event! If you're a forgetful Jones like me, that's great news. You can also quickly jump to any date by tapping and holding on the title bar. A new menu appears to let you choose exactly the date to go to. As you'd expect, it's very pretty, too.

My favorite new feature makes it so easy to move or duplicate an event. Tap and hold on any event, and a new pop-up appears with two options: duplicate and move. Choose duplicate, and a new screen appears asking when you want the second event to happen. Select move and you're asked when you'd like the date to take place. It's so fast and handy.

Fantastical 11 adds multiple alarms, clipboard detection, other improvements

Other niceties include weekend highlight (they appear slightly dimmer in the Day Ticker), new badge options for the app's icon, including the current date (yes!) and super-smart clipboard detection. Fantastical 1.1 now looks for text strings in the clipboard and offers to create an event based upon that information. Very nice.

There's more, of course, and you'll find the full release notes here. Fantastical is my favorite iPhone calendar app, and version 1.1 makes it better.

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