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Google Street View reveals Bulgarian imagery, expands Russian and UK sites


Though Bulgaria mightn't be your first choice for a relaxing holiday, fresh imagery from Google may change your tune -- or at least give you a chance to experience it vicariously. Mountain View just added that nation for the first time to its Street View rolls, bringing major cities like Sofia and Varna along with attractions like the Black Sea coastline, the Architectural Museum Reserve Tsarevets and the Borovets ski resort, to name a few. In addition, Google added over 200 new Russian locales like 2014 Winter Olympics site Sochi and the Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamun in the Republic of Kalmykia. Lastly, virtual travelers will get to enjoy new photos from the Scottish coastline, East Anglia and parts of South Wales along with refreshed imagery from major cities like Manchester, Glasgow and London. For more, grab a spot of Earl Grey (or Russian) tea and hit the source.

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