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Liberation Maiden live on App Store in North America


We didn't have to wait long to find out about Level-5's plans for an American iOS release of Suda 51's shooter Liberation Maiden: it's available on iTunes right now for $4.99.

The port of the 3DS game doesn't just remove buttons from the controls and $3 from the price. It also adds Retina Display graphics, Game Center challenges and leaderboards. Those should help add some longevity to a game we found exciting but abrupt.

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Sci-Fi Shooter from Acclaimed Developer SUDA51 with Game Center Features and Retina Display Optimization

SANTA MONICA, CA (March 7, 2013) – Renowned Japanese game developer LEVEL-5, best known for the Professor Layton video game series, has released the exhilarating sci-fi shooter LIBERATION MAIDEN in over 150 countries for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The action comes to these platforms with stunning high-definition visuals, fully voiced English audio, and several exclusive iOS-only enhancements such as Game Center features and achievements, controls designed for the touchscreen, and graphics optimized for the beautiful Retina Display.

"We are excited to be bringing an amazing, high-quality game like LIBERATION MAIDEN to iOS devices, providing a full-fledged handheld video game experience for mobile phone and tablet users," said Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of LEVEL-5. "LIBERATION MAIDEN for iOS redefines what a mobile game can do with the quality design, story and gameplay normally only available to console gamers."

LIBERATION MAIDEN is a high-octane sci-fi shooter produced by LEVEL-5 and directed by critically acclaimed developer Goichi Suda (SUDA51) from Grasshopper Manufacture, creators of fan-favorites Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and many more. Set 100 years in the future in New Japan, LIBERATION MAIDEN puts players in the role of young President Shoko Ozora, piloting a humanoid mech she must use to free her country from the yoke of tyranny. The game brings AAA production values to the downloadable market in an unprecedented collaboration of all-star creators in music, art, and design, including breathtaking animation by the famed animation studio, bones.

The iOS edition of LIBERATION MAIDEN includes several never-before seen features:
· Expanded Game Play with Game Center: Players will face new Challenges, compete for high scores with friends, and aim for the top of the ranked Leaderboard.

· Retina Display: The game's graphics have been optimized to take advantage of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch's incredibly sharp Retina Display on compatible devices.

· Intuitive Controls: LIBERATION MAIDEN's controls maximize playability and functionality across touchscreen devices and can be further customized for maximum comfort to a player's dominant hand.

· Compatibility: The game is playable on iOS 5.0 and higher across the Apple mobile lineup, including iPhone 4 and higher, iPod touch 4th generation and higher, iPad 2 and higher, and iPad mini.

LIBERATION MAIDEN is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via the App Store for US$5.99 / €5.49 / ₤3.99. More information on LIBERATION MAIDEN for iOS can be found online at

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