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OUYA store ready for launch, will highlight devs with short documentaries


We're still a little bit away from the official launch of the much-hyped OUYA console, but the game store appears ready for takeoff. Today the company hit the reset button on the beta version of its shop and went back to square one. But, from now on, any app uploaded through the developer portal will be ready and available on day one when it starts shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28th. Those who have already submitted will have to go through the process all over again unfortunately. In her inaugural blog post as a member of the OUYA team Kellee Santiago revealed a promotional push aimed at benefiting both the console and some of its early-adopter developers. The top three games, as measured by total play time over the first six weeks of availability, will become the focus of a series of short documentaries. To be eligible for the competition you'll need to get your title in before the March 28th shipping date. For a few more details and to review the developer guidelines yourself hit up the source link.

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