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The Missing Ink kickstarts for tablet versions


The Missing Ink is one of the most uniquely stylized MMOs that we've ever seen around these here parts, and our time with the game has made us crave it all the more. While the title is currently in open beta and preparing for a launch this year, RedBedlam has pulled the trigger on a Kickstarter fundraiser to bring The Missing Ink to iPad and Android tablets as well as help the studio self-publish the title.

RedBedlam has a rough-working iPad version but could use the funds to help polish the user interface, advertise the game, and start work on an Android version. Past that, funds raised will be used for "content, content, content."

At the least expensive sponsor level, players can not only contribute to the project but obtain a future copy of the iOS game at a discounted rate.

[Thanks to Sounder for the tip!]

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