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DirecTV Android tablet app knows it's late, makes suitably low-key entrance


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We bet you thought your DirecTV receiver and Android tablet would never get along, didn't ya? Well, it has been over two years since the satellite provider released an iPad app, and although software for both Android and Apple smartphones were available long before that, Android slates have curiously been neglected. That's all changed now, however, as "DirecTV for Tablets" quietly snuck onto the Play store yesterday. Better late than never, we suppose, and at least it's got the functionality you'd want to make up for its tardiness. The app allows you to use your tablet as a remote, stream various channels (including the Audience Network), manage your DVR, access a bunch of TV-related content, and overshare your viewing habits on several social networks. If you've been waiting for the app so long you refuse to believe it's actually here, don't trust us. Head to the source link for proof.

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