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EA Maxis cops to 'dumb' SimCity launch, offers early adopters a free game


The botched launch of the new SimCity game has upset many this week, however there is a little good news. EA Maxis exec Lucy Bradshaw posted that the company is working on its server issues, with capacity reportedly up 120 percent in the last 48 hours and "disrupted experiences" down 80 percent. As a way of making up for a launch that was "dumb" for not anticipating far more players and activity than seen in its beta, EA will offer all those who've activated a copy by March 18th a free PC game download. There's no word on which game(s) from the EA portfolio will be available but users will be notified by email. The one thing they won't be getting however is what many are asking for: an offline option that avoids all the server mess and entanglements of always-on DRM.

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