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Sticky Bees Unleashed upon Kickstarter


Sticky Bees is a weird, simple, adorable iOS game about smashing hundreds of bugs with your big bee body. That bee body has legs, it would seem, as developer Fourfire is working on a sequel for iOS and Android.

Fourfire, founded by Scribblenauts lead designer Matt Cox, has turned to Kickstarter for funding of Sticky Bees: Unleashed, which keeps the bee violence concept but adapts it into a sort of endless runner, with enemies coming in from the right at ever-increasing speeds. It diverges from most endless runners in that the goal is to smash as many objects as possible rather than none, and you're swiping to dispatch them rather than tapping to avoid.

With 27 days to go, the Kickstarter has attracted $1,760 in funds, toward a relatively tiny $29,000 goal. Rewards range from early game access to plush Sticky Bees, to naming rights for items and levels, to personalized music videos.

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Game Informer - the third largest U.S. magazine - features the original Sticky Bees development

Lawrence, Kan. – March 5th, 2013 – Fourfire, the studio started by industry veteran Matt Cox (Scribblenauts, Destroy All Humans) is giving the community the chance to support the new title Sticky Bees: Unleashed for iOS and Android.

Out now in the April issue of Game Informer, the third largest magazine in the U.S., Sticky Bees and Cox's journey into and out of the video game industry is told in a six-page feature. To coincide with the story, Fourfire is raising money to resurrect acclaimed "slide-smash" gameplay with deeper content. The Kickstarter campaign is officially up and running with a goal of $29,000 to support a full-time development effort to get Sticky Bees: Unleashed in the public's hands.

The original Sticky Bees followed The King Bee as he "slide-smashed" through waves of bugs and eight gorgeous environments to eliminate the dastardly Hummingbird King.

In Sticky Bees: Unleashed, Fourfire promises over 10 times the content of the first game but now using the popular "endless runner" format where all enemies and obstacles come from the right side of the screen while the level gets faster and faster the longer you last. The runner format combined with the unique slide-smash input will provide a truly original handheld experience.

The public has the opportunity to get rewards for different pledge levels. The rewards range from in-game credits, music, art books, a plush Sticky Bee toy, getting your likeness or ideas in the game, and custom commercial quality music videos!

"To make Sticky Bees all that it can be, we know we need a focused, full-time effort," says Cox. "With Unleashed, we hope to put the version we always wanted to play into the public's hands."

The original Sticky Bees is available in free versions and for purchase in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 on iPhone and iPod Touch devices and $1.99 for the HD iPad version.

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