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Dragon's Prophet character classes trailer released

Jef Reahard

Runewaker's Dragon's Prophet came to our attention last year as SOE signed on to publish the title in North America. This week, the game is gearing up for a closed beta test in its native Taiwan. As such, Runewaker has released a character classes trailer, and MMO Culture comments on the game's rough-around-the-edges alpha experience.

"The combat is leaning towards that of TERA's, rather than Dragon Nest or Vindictus," the author writes. Dragon's Prophet is Runewaker's followup to Runes of Magic, and it features eight different types of dragons with unique skill trees, an extensive housing system, raids, and PvP.

The game's Taiwanese beta starts March 13th. You can view the classes trailer after the cut.

[Thanks Dengar!]

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