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Next MineCon 'most definitely in the US'

Jordan Mallory

While there's still no official word on when Mojang's next Minecraft-centric MineCon event will take place, the convention's potential location has at least been narrowed down to a specific country: "It'll be in the US, that's for sure. It's most definitely in the US," Mojang director of fun Lydia Winters told the audience during a recent SXSW Interactive panel.

"That's all I can say," Winters added. "I would like to tell more, but it's not 100 percent certain so I can't say anything yet." MineCon 2012 took place at Disneyland Paris, while the inaugural event stormed the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to her panel-hosting duties, Winters mentioned that her SXSW schedule included a meeting to discuss the next MineCon.

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