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Evernote for Mac gets redesigned Menu Bar Helper, now with Quick Note feature


Evernote may not have shared the best of news a few days ago, but that's not stopping the notetaking service from giving its Mac application a boost in the features department. Evernote's quick to point out that while this release might not be the biggest it's ever pushed out, it truly believes today's revamped Menu Bar Helper to be "one of these little things that we think you'll really enjoy." With the newly added Quick Note functionality, Evernote for Mac will make it extremely simple for users to create notes at any time, simply by clicking the renowned elephant that's living in the menu bar or by triggering a keyboard command (Control-Command-N, to be more specific). Better yet, Quick Note can handle more than just typed words, with items such as images and audio attachments also being able to be added and saved. Evernote says the App Store update should be coming as soon as it gets the stamp of approval from Apple, though folks eager to try it now can grab it straight from the source link below.

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