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Pixelmator offers a sneak peek at version 2.2

Pixelmator has released a preview of a new text feature in Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry in a short video. The new feature is called "Convert Text into Shape" and allows users to define any typed text as a shape. Users can then make stylistic changes to entire paragraphs, words or individual letters. Pixelmator says, "You can then do all kinds of cool stuff that is simply beyond text formatting. You can easily apply gradients, shadows, strokes or even, if you want to, reshape individual letters."

Check out the Pixelmator blog to see the new tool and action. The company says that Convert Text into Shape is just one of the new tools that are a part of Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry. Pixelmator has not shared a release date for this update. Version 2.1 is available on the Mac App Store now for US$14.99.

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