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Sound Shapes DLC throws down cars, campaigns, obstacles, more


Sound Shapes wants to pump up the volume today with a few downloadable additions, first with the Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack, which runs $2 and adds two new vehicles, new levels, a Sound Pack, new editing options, Beat School lessons and trophies.

The Community Milkcrate includes six new albums and a total of 35 levels created by players just like you (but probably with more dedication to Sound Shapes level creation), hand-picked by the developers at Queasy Games. The Community Milkcrate is a free update, and so is the addition of offline play – sync levels while connected to the Sound Shapes servers, and then play those levels whether on- or offline.

Queasy teased this massive DLC and update back in February, noting that it is Cross Buy enabled, and kept successfully silent until now. For a game called Sound Shapes, that's no easy feat.

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