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F2P doubles TERA playerbase

MJ Guthrie

While some like to say that switching to free-to-play is the death knell for a game, the opposite sure looks to be true for TERA. Whether it is because of the lure of the action combat model, the graphics, the fact that no content is locked behind a payment gate, or something else entirely, folks have flocked to the fantasy game since it went F2P a month ago. In fact, TERA's playerbase has swelled by over 500,000, doubling the number of registered users to over one million and causing Gameforge to open up six new servers in order to meet the demand.

Will the momentum hold? Only time will tell. But for now, F2P is definitely suiting TERA. For more on the free-to-play conversion, read Massively's exclusive interview with Associate Producer Patrick Sun.

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