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Guild Wars 2 to focus on improving systems, aiding small guilds


Has Guild Wars 2 become overly complicated since its launch last year? This is the question that Forbes posed to ArenaNet Lead Designer Isaiah Cartwright, who admits that the team debates the question regularly.

"Because we've been adding a lot of reward systems, we've seen an increase in the number of currencies out there," Cartwright explained. "But we're getting toward the tail end of the number of systems we feel that we can put in the game. We'll be really working on improving the current systems we have and making them more robust."

Cartwright also addressed how the team is catering to guild content, saying that ArenaNet wants to give more of a boost to smaller guilds: "We know there was an initial influence cost that was very high that a lot of smaller guilds weren't able to get into it, so we're looking at ways that we can improve that, make smaller guilds more able to compete on the influence gathering area."

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