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Facebook sharing comes to Netflix users in the US


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Netflix has made clear its intention to bring Facebook integration to users in the United States (following similar moves elsewhere), and now -- after clearing some legislative hurdles -- it's finally rolling out the feature. That will let users link their Facebook account to their Netflix account and automatically share what they watch with others, although sharing will be limited to Netflix by default -- Facebook sharing needs to be enabled in the "Social Settings" on the Netflix website. Naturally, once enabled, that sharing is also enabled across your various Netflix-ready devices, letting you see what individual friends have been watching (and letting them see what you've been watching, although you can choose to not share specific titles). Netflix also notes that its social features "will evolve with new capabilities being tested regularly," and that upcoming tests include the ability to let members "explicitly share their favorite titles on Facebook and discuss with their friends." You can find a short video from Netflix explaining the feature after the break.

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