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Report: Pokémon Rumble U uses Wii U NFC with Skylanders-like toys


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Pokémon Rumble U is reportedly taking a leaf out of the Skylanders book by using the Wii U's Near Fields Communication technology with a line of physical Pokémon toys that can appear in-game. The latest CoroCoro magazine, according to Serebii, reveals the toys are going on sale when the game launches in Japan on April 24, and using the NFC tech the Wii U can recognize the figures to have them appear as playable characters.

Serebii reports the downloadable game, called Pokémon Scramble U in Japan, is priced ¥1800 (around $19), while the individual figures cost ¥200 each (around $2), with six standard toys and one special toy to go on sale at launch - including a Pikachu one, of course. While the previous Wii and 3DS Pokémon Rumble games made their way west, this Umbrella-developed follow-up has yet to be confirmed for release outside of Japan.

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